About Us

Our Story

Many people asked us “Why are you not opening your own coffee shop?”. Our answer is “Why should we copy the great job made by coffee professionals? Should we not help them rather than compete against them?”

We are coffee lovers, but we have a marketing, communication and management background.

It made sense for us to use our skills and knowledge to bolster the local coffee scene, this is how Bucharest Coffee Waves came out.

Meet our Team

We drink coffee, we love coffee, we promote coffee, but more importantly, we talk coffee. So, let’s talk !

Eric Bartha

Sales and Operations

Swiss-Romanian, Eric is now based in Vienna, but keeps strong ties with the Romanian capital.

Involved in various projects aiming to promote Romania and to make it a better place, Eric understood the value of the local coffee scene and how it could benefit to the Romanian society, and he’s using his travels to actively create international collaborations between coffee cities.

Besides coffee, Eric is into politics, economics, art and sustainable development.


Luka Zivkovic

Sales and Marketing

French-Croat, based in Bucharest since 2016, Luka discovered specialty coffee during his years spent in Northern Europe (Kiel, Hamburg and Tallinn precisely).

Since then, he’s been working on merging his professional experiences with his passion for coffee, by playing an important role in raising awareness about specialty coffee, locally and internationally.

Besides coffee, Luka is into travel, tech, architecture, photography & geopolitics.


Next Steps…

We are committed by passion, but we are driven by growth. Let’s talk, and see how we could partner.

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